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Life and Relationship Coaching ~
How it Works

An experienced coach knows that the best answers for your life come from inside you. As your coach, I provide a safe environment where you can explore new attitudes and behaviors. I view each and every client as naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

Inspirational Quote

“When love is the context of your life, what details cannot be reconciled? When one knows north, all other directions are implied.” ~ Mark Austin Thomas

A Discovery Session Leads the Way

Whether you are an individual interested in extraordinary life coaching or a couple interested in relationship coaching, the process always begins with an individual one-on-one Discovery Session. During this telephone conversation, we’ll explore different topics based on the type of coaching you desire. We might discuss:

  • What you must accomplish in your lifetime to feel complete with no regrets
  • The values you want to honor in your greatest life
  • Your patterns in love relationships
  • How you might be a contributing source of these patterns
  • Your vision for the greatest love relationship possible

The Discovery Session gives you greater clarity about where you want to go in life and love, and the road map for getting there. For individuals interested in coaching to create an extraordinary life, or couples wanting to create an exceptional love relationship, you can schedule coaching calls on a frequency that fits your schedule and goals. Then the powerful, fun coaching work can begin.

Life and Relationship Coaching – Does it Work?

Absolutely! My success stories offer proof that the process works. Life and relationship coaching by phone is not only highly effective, it's convenient. 

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Success Stories

"Lyndra's conference call group showed me I need to be more positive in my life. It helped me see I need to be more optimistic about my potential and ability to manifest the things I want in my life. It was helpful to put my attention on my desire for a love relationship."
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Lyndra offers coaching to help you achieve your life and relationship goals.

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