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Extraordinary Life and Relationship Success Stories

Check out success stories from the clients of Lyndra Hearn Antonson. I'm a Certified Life and Relationship Coach. During my 25 years as a psychotherapist and 12 years coaching, I've helped scores of men, women and couples.

  • Success stories from singles who discovered the keys to love and dating via coaching groups.
  • Success stories from private session clients who received help in finding true love and dating success.
  • Success stories from couples who gained insight and practical strategies for loving one another.
  • Success stories from men and women who learned how to start living their best life possible now.
  • Success stories from individuals who healed from a breakup and re-claimed a fulfilling life.

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Praise for Calling in “The One” Coaching

I had hoped that by enrolling in Lyndra's Calling in “The One” conference call group, I'd become clearer within myself to successfully attract my life partner. To my joyous surprise, when I awakened to a partnership with myself, I discovered the woman I had been dating was my beloved. I'm grateful for the group coaching experience.
– John Armstrong, Golden Valley, Minnesota

Rosemary & John

I had lost my trust in men. I'd been searching for someone special to spend my life with and had been disappointed many times. I'd done all the right things — ballroom dancing, dating websites – and was tired of the effort. In fact, I was so tired I stopped dating completely for a year.

 I didn't agree to join the Calling in “The One” conference call group until I understood that the value of the sessions was to deepen my own understanding of myself, and not necessarily result in Prince Charming knocking at my door. Throughout the course, I experienced a wave of emotions that helped me reflect on my life through my 58 year-old lens. I wrote in the margins of the Calling in “The One” book. I cried, I shared my feelings with friends — and somehow things shifted for me. I felt, even at the end, that I had more to do. I wasn't ready to meet a beloved, but as life happens, he appeared. Two weeks after our final group call, a friend fixed us up. Without going through the Calling in “The One” program of self-exploration, I wouldn't have been able to draw in someone so even-tempered and stable.

 This is the first relationship I've ever had where there's no drama or worry. We have a wonderful and equal partnership that's drama-free, fun-filled, easy-going and flexible. We share our friends and family and day-to-day life. We have several trips planned this year and hope for more in the future. We look forward to sharing whatever adventures life brings us. So the Calling in “The One” process works when you least expect it! Thanks for everything, Lyndra!
– Rosemary & John, Pennsylvania

I won’t say I was hopeless about finding love – I’ll call it apathetic. I was tired of trying – putting myself out there and not finding anyone – so I’d just given up. I told myself I was focusing on other areas of my life and setting this aside for the time. Truthfully, I was afraid to try for fear of failing again or, worse yet, getting hurt. During Lyndra's conference call group, I realized, and admitted out loud, that I wanted love in my life. The coaching group was so much more than just about being single and finding that other person. I discovered I needed to change my life. Lyndra helped me realize I wasn’t truly open to a love because I wanted to move back to the South (warmer and closer to family) and was afraid that if I found a love interest in Minnesota, I might not be able to move. When I took responsibility for my own happiness and moved to a place I loved, I opened to the possibility of a love partner. Although I haven’t found my wonderful southern gentleman as yet, I am hopeful and secure in knowing that my dreams will be met as long as I remain open to love.
– Julie, Charlotte, North Carolina

I was going through a lot of changes in my life. After attending Lyndra's conference call group, I feel a new level of clarity and serenity. I'm open to a relationship, but not in need. This group has helped me to learn and listen in new ways, and relax into myself. The class reminded me to honor and love myself and not define myself through my shortcomings. The growth that comes through interacting with other people in a good class structure like this is wonderful! I've learned a lot and know more about the kind of love relationship I want.
– Laura Ely, Chanhassen, Minnesota

Lyndra's conference call group showed me I need to be more positive in my life. It helped me see I need to be more optimistic about my potential and ability to manifest the things I want in my life. It was helpful to put my attention on my desire for a love relationship. The group helped me be aware of things I need to change. For example, I’m so totally absorbed with my job that it consumes my life and physical energy. So I don’t have space in my life for someone and I have to change that. I now say “yes” to love and joy, and “yes” to giving and receiving in a balanced way.
– Ginny M., Massachusetts


I met Lyndra years ago during our coach certification training. I was instantly impressed with her warmth, deep listening, and ability to ask powerful questions that challenged me to expand my way of thinking and being. Years later, I joined her “Finding Love” conference call group. Before the group, I felt stuck and confused about finding a partner. I felt isolated and wanted to get back into dating; but I didn't know what I wanted in a relationship or how to go about meeting women. Lyndra's coaching helped me get clear on my true desires for a relationship and partner. This clarity motivated me to join some online dating sites and begin dating. Lyndra's support helped me put myself out there – parties, classes, cafes – and to be bold in asking women out. It felt really good! Lyndra's coaching group catalyzed a shift in me that helped get things moving in the love relationship area of my life. Thanks, Lyndra!
– Adrian, San Francisco, California

Lyndra is an exceptionally gifted and articulate facilitator who brings clarity to complex ideas and challenges. Her own personal journey in the realm of love and relationships has given her great insights and experiences that help others grow and thrive!
– Laurie S., Shorewood, Minnesota

It was comforting to know that singles in all parts of the country have similar challenges. I so appreciated the clarity and warmth everyone shared. I received new ideas to consider and came away in a good place. I feel myself increasingly letting go of resistance and opening to love.
– C.A., Long Beach, California

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Kudos for Private Calling in “The One” Coaching


Working with Lyndra was literally a dream of mine for several years. A coaching friend had told me about her. It was one of the best investments I've made for myself as a 51 year-old woman looking to have a life partner. She understood how important having a mate is to me. She helped me get clear on who would most complement me. And she compassionately held my vision for the highest, most ideal love relationship. Although I've done a lot of personal work on myself – especially work on finding my beloved — Lyndra’s fine-tuned listening skills and razor-point perception helped me to identify ways I was actually resistant to attracting a mate. One way was the false belief I had that "I'm safe if I'm alone.” I'd been unknowingly carrying this belief around my entire lifetime. Lyndra's exceptional intuition, insight and wisdom assisted me in releasing these old beliefs. She helped reunite me with my authentic wholeness, which is more happy, content and confident. (Happiness is a great mate attractant.) I also learned a very valuable lesson: instead of wanting someone else to love, adore, praise, fix, and accept me, I had to first be this person to and for myself. Lyndra's insights and encouragement made imagining that my life partner is already here pretty effortless. According to the laws of attraction, this is basically the recipe for calling in “The One”. Although I'm not currently coupled, I honestly feel a shift in my psyche — as if I'm no longer alone and "as if" someone is already walking by my side. I feel incredibly hopeful. Sometimes I swear that I can feel his breath upon my skin. I would highly recommend (and have) Lyndra to my single seeking to be a couple friends. Having someone as openhearted, understanding and insightful as Lyndra goes a long, long way for someone seeking her or his Mr./Ms Right. She's a single’s best advocate. 
– Maureen, West Chester, Pennsylvania 

The Calling in “The One” private coaching program with Lyndra was outstanding. It empowered me to recognize and let go of limiting beliefs I'd had since childhood. I now understand how past experiences do not have to predict the future — as long as you are willing to spend time reflecting, and have the courage to admit you want a life of joy and love. I found it to be a profoundly transformative process. Lyndra's skills helped me expand my ability to experience greater joy and love through all areas of my life.
– Amy, Des Moines, Iowa


Knowing Lyndra and my work with her via Calling in "The One" have been two of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had.  I’d attended the online Calling in "The One" program with Katherine and Claire and found it enlightening and humbling. I contacted Lyndra for “a couple” of individual sessions to be sure I had not missed something important to address my particular situation. After one call, I decided to review the entire program with Lyndra.  It has been a transformative experience.

The first thing I noticed was her active listening skills. I am a social worker and therapist by training. I’ve had years of personal therapy. And, with Lyndra, from the very first call, I experienced the most powerful listening of my life. That in itself is a huge gift. As a relationship coach, Lyndra builds on listening with compassion, wisdom and humor. I have since continued my work with her after the 7 weeks, to put into practice  what I have learned. I cannot sing her praises highly enough. It is an honor and pleasure to express my appreciation for Lyndra.
– Nancy, San Francisco, California 

Lyndra brings a joy and wisdom to relationship coaching that is empowering, uplifting and inspirational. I worked with her after reading “Calling in “The One.” I was in the process of co-creating a beautiful, new relationship without past patterns, which I'm thrilled she helped me further clear. As I was applying all the new insights I gained from the book, she lovingly, and without judgment, helped me stay on track with my authentic needs and desires through every period of discovery with my new partner. She also skillfully and compassionately offered her intuitive "ah-ahs" to mentor me in staying in a place of self-love. Anyone who works with her will be blessed by her presence and coaching.
– G.E., Boston, Massachusetts 

Taking the Calling in “The One” coaching program with Lyndra has been invaluable to me. It has provided me with tools that I can rely on when I start to slip back into old patterns of thinking. The course takes you on a journey of self-reflection and introspection that is sometimes painful. It's hard work but as a result I feel more confident, peaceful, and perhaps most importantly — more hopeful. 
– Ingrid, Minnesota

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Accolades for Relationship Coaching for Couples  

After 27 years of marriage, reoccurring issues had weighted us down. Lyndra compassionately encouraged us to re-adjust our thinking so that we were able to change what we thought was unchangeable. Lyndra's remarkable skills and talents helped us to solve a myriad of challenges. Our world has been set up right and we are now having a truly wonderful marriage. We are fortunate to have met and worked with Lyndra.
– Mary and Bill, Minnesota

Kathie & Jeff

Lyndra is a wonderful coach. She gave us simple but very valuable tools to use that changed our daily lives. She helped us improve communication in our marriage. She taught us a communication tool called “mirroring” that we continue to use on an ongoing basis. When she recommended something – like really listening to our partner – she made it very clear and attainable. Lyndra was so gentle and had such a good spirit that it was easy to be in her company and it made us feel peaceful. Our lives are better in so many ways because of Lyndra. She is an amazing woman and we are grateful we found her.
– Kathie Armstrong and Jeff Morlock, Maple Plain, Minnesota 

It was very useful to have Lyndra’s objective overview to guide us through some complex relationship issues resulting from everyday stressors. We were overwhelmed with new job responsibilities, providing extended family assistance, and readjusting our priorities after a trial separation. We needed help! Talking through these challenges with loving guidance was crucial to once again enjoying our lives together. The coaching process was sensitive to our individual needs and helped us see each other’s points of view.
– Michele, Illinois  

Before working with Lyndra, I thought this relationship coaching stuff was for the birds. I only went along with it because my wife wanted to. Who needs this stuff anyway? If you can't figure out your own problems, you're pretty useless to yourself, aren't you? Well, I was wrong. Couldn't see the forest for the trees. Sometimes it helps to have someone point out the obvious things we cannot see or are not aware of or have refused to see. Doing this had a positive effect on our relationship and gave us some excellent tools to use. I learned how to be more aware of my wife's needs and my own as a result of Relationship Coaching.
– Barry, Illinois 

 Lyndra is a wise soul. She successfully directs couples and individuals in discovering their inner strengths. Her personal achievements allow others to witness firsthand the means to accomplish their unfulfilled goals. 
– Jeffrey, Minnesota

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Raves for Extraordinary Life Coaching  

I'd heard about life coaching for years, but pretty much assumed it was for ambitious over-achievers. After spending time with Lyndra at a training, I felt inspired to give life coaching a try. It was nothing like I'd expected. It was a very personal experience where Lyndra guided me to discover more fully who I authentically am and encouraged me to better listen to my own heart. Coaching with Lyndra was an excellent way for me to improve my skills and confidence in accessing my own wisdom to create a life that allowed me to be genuinely happy. It was a very positive experience!
– Amy, Des Moines, Iowa

Carolyn One of the greatest benefits I received from coaching with Lyndra was to clarify my primary values. This created the foundation for all future decisions. I could then ask myself how a certain choice matched my values. How simple and powerful! I appreciated Lyndra's relaxed and non-judgmental style. I was surprised at how well coaching by phone works. 
– Carolyn H., Windham, Maine

Lyndra was really great to work with! Every call I had with her was productive and helped me move forward with what I was working on. It was time well spent!
– Amy, Tennessee 

SharonLife coaching with Lyndra connected me to my true nature. She helped me develop trust in my own knowing self. The sessions were inspiring and motivating. Lyndra was awesome in joining with me to lift the veil of self-doubt and conditioned thinking that gets in my way. The coaching helped me integrate more of what I do as a professional with who I am as a person.

– Sharon Taub, Port Washington, New York 

I received a lot of benefit from just one coaching call with Lyndra. It helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses in a gentle way and see the types of questions I can continue to ask myself. It was very educational. It also served to give me more confidence in my decisions and insights.
– S.J., Minnesota

TerraI am now able to see my possibilities and myself in a much more positive light. Lyndra empowered me to uncover my own answers. With the help of Lyndra’s coaching, I’ve learned to come out of my shell and face my inner critic. I used to feel self-conscious in social situations, but through Lyndra’s gentle guidance and wise insights, I’ve learned how to speak from my heart. I learned to look deep within and see strengths and an inner power that I didn't know I had. With this new vision, I found it easier to relate to others based on my authentic self and on what my heart truly desired. Using my new skills, I met a great man. Before Lyndra’s coaching, I wouldn’t have had the courage to truly open my heart. I’m ever thankful for the help I received from her.
– Terra, Sacramento, California  

JoEllen Lyndra coached me during a stressful time in my life. I was returning to full-time work after being home with two young children, recovering from major surgery, and nursing an elderly parent. Lyndra’s questions guided me to critical discoveries that helped me make choices to meet the needs of my family and my own self-care.
– JoEllen T.F., Newfane, Vermont  

 I expected coaching to be about getting more things done. Instead we looked at important quality-of-life issues. Lyndra always surprised me with a different point of view. I’m now taking a more relaxed approach to life while still managing to accomplish a lot. Coaching with Lyndra was a very valuable experience!
– Beverly Foster, Chanhassen, Minnesota

ToniBeing coached by Lyndra helped me to see myself as a risk-taker, something I’d never imagined before. Now I claim this quality proudly and use it to move forward with purpose. Lyndra is supportive, kind and insightful. Her skillful questions have often been the catalyst for new perspectives, providing the spark I needed at just the right time. She coaches with honesty and humor, and our partnership is an experience I will always treasure. – Toni Mandara, Berkeley, California 

 For the first time in my life, and because of Lyndra's unwavering endorsement of my dreams, I am making decisions based upon my inner wisdom. I now listen to and trust my inner language — the "visions" and bodily reactions that guide my decision-making. Thanks to Lyndra’s assistance, I live with confidence, purpose and simplicity. 
– Mary, Colorado 

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Applause for Conscious Uncoupling Coaching

The Conscious Uncoupling coaching program with Lyndra helped me heal from a devastating breakup. Lyndra is a seasoned professional through and through. Her coaching work is informed by her years of experience as a psychotherapist, enabling her to zero in on what was not yet quite conscious for me. These insights, combined with the tools of the Conscious Uncoupling program, allowed me to completely transform my inner and outer life in ways I'd been praying for and working towards for many years. The experience was life altering. I recommend Lyndra without hesitation. You will not be disappointed.
– Marcia E. Ring, PhD, APRN, Reston, Virginia

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be coached by Lyndra through the Conscious Uncoupling course. I didn't realize how much excess baggage I was still carrying with me from my past relationship. (I've been divorced over two years, and thought I had all the issues resolved! ) Lyndra's coaching really helped me to see so much more! As a result of the coaching, I was able to truly make amends with my ex. I now feel free to move on into the best part of my life! Coaching helped me not only let go of the residue of the past, but to also glean the real gifts of understanding that I learned from the experience. Through the coaching, I was able to consciously see my own patterns, and make the changes I needed in order to create a better life. I can also see the benefits of the Conscious Uncoupling coaching in all aspects of my life. I'm more secure within myself, and I've learned how to take responsibility for setting healthy boundaries both in my personal life and my professional life. I can’t wait to be coached through the Calling in “The One” course with Lyndra!  It's exciting to know that when you have a great coach, and great material, you can reach your goals faster and with more fun!
– D.M., California

I'd worked with Lyndra for a number of months to “Call in the One.” During that exquisite process, we realized I had some further work I could do on “uncoupling” from my marriage. It made perfect sense to combine the concepts of the Conscious Uncoupling program with Lyndra’s coaching skills. And I was not disappointed. The process offered deep insights and closure. And supported my wish to be free of that old relationship with compassion. No matter what your desired focus, you can't go wrong exploring and coaching with Lyndra!
– Nancy, San Francisco, California


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