How to Find Love: A Spiritual Approach by Lyndra Hearn Antonson

How to Find Love BookIt's time for you to have the love relationship you've always desired!

  • Do you long for a healthy love relationship?
  • Are you confused by “how-to” dating advice that contradicts or doesn’t feel right?
  • Would you like a new spiritual approach to finding love that honors you and your own inner wisdom?

If so, this book was written just for you! It’s an easy, enjoyable read. It includes five practical tools – PLUS exercises you can begin to use right away. You’ll be inspired by extraordinary stories from ordinary people that may give you a glimpse of what’s possible for you!

In this book you'll learn how to:

  • Partner with God/Spirit/Divine Love to find your great love relationship
  • Experience the ancient, heart opening secret that has the power to change your life in every way 
  • Strengthen your intuition so you become your own best dating advisor
  • Learn to tap into your dreams to make good decisions in love
  • Become a synchronicity detective to recognize the daily assistance handmade for you

It's currently available for less than a dollar. 

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